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The Foundation periodically holds events – including conferences and forums – to bring together non-profits and leading academics, providing a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices.

The Second Teacher Librarian Training Program–Visit to Hong Kong and Taiwan
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2016 October
Hefei Stone Soup Happy Reading Alliance Open Day
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2015 October
2015 Fifth International Conference:
Breaking Reading Myth - Hefei Reading and School Library Learning Forum and Library Innovation Award Sharing Event

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2015 June
A Dialogue in Family Philanthropy
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2014 September
The 3rd China Charity Fair - Governance and Management Seminar for Family Foundation in China
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2014 June
2014 Fourth International Conference:
School in the Library - The 1st Teacher Librarian Training Program Graduation Ceremony and Reading Program Sharing Event

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2014 May
Stone Soup Happy Reading Alliance - Taiwan Visit
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2014 April
Workshop on Supporting Education Programs in China –
Understanding Needs for Better Solutions

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2013 June
Hefei Stone Soup Happy Reading School Alliance Event
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2013 April
“Love to Learn” 2013 Advocacy Program in Hong Kong
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Joint Seminar with HKTLA - School Libraries Powering Ahead
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2011 Third International Conference:
The Power of Reading - School Library and Reading Culture Development in China

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Second International Conference
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Children’s Picture Books International Forum
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First International Conference
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