Our Partners

Playright Children's Play Association 10/2020- 09/2021 Community Engagement and Empowerment for Play Space Transformation Project This grant supports Playright to build up the capacity for community to involve in play space design and planning, to promote a child-friendly and adult-empowering public engagement strategy, in respond to modifying LCSD-managed play space. Children Play Hong Kong 2018-Present
Shanghai Smiling Youth Charity Service Center 12/2019- 12/2020 Smiling Reading Angel Support Plan Two Regional Reading Promoter will lead a volunteer team and conduct reading programs in a district with the support and consultancy from Smiling. Childhood Literacy and Library Mainland China 2018-Present
Oxfam Hong Kong 09/2019- 08/2020 Start from the Beginning - Chinese Supporting Scheme for Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Kindergarten (2019-2020) - Pre-Stage III Funed by other donors together, Pre-phase III serves as a pilot scheme for its transition into Phase III, which is the first Pay-for-Success intervention programme in Hong Kong. It support to non-Chinese speaking (NCS) kindergarteners through implementing Chinese language enrichment classes in kindergartens admitting NCS students. Hong Kong Ethnic Minority Community Hong Kong 2018-Present
Playright Children's Play Association 12/2018- 11/2019 Strategic Positioning and Governance Review of Playright This grant supports Playright to hire facilators to formulate its Strategic Plan for the next three years. The Governance Review will help the organization to improve the governance process and structure afterreviewing and identifying possible governance issues. Capacity Building Hong Kong 2018-Present
Hong Kong Council of Social Service 07/2018-04/2019 NGO Board Governance Health Pilot Program To develop an NGO Board governance health check measurement tool in the local context; Invite 100 agencies to complete a landscape survey on governance health of Hong Kong NGOs in the social service sector. Capacity Building Hong Kong 2018-Present
The Zubin Mahtani Gidumal Foundation Limited 01/2019-12/2021 Opportunity Bank - Pathway Portal for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong Supported by the Foundaiton with other funders, to develop the “customer-focused” platform seeks to push for greater transparency and accessibility to information; better allocation of resources; to identify service gaps and improve the opportunities for e thnic minorities in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Ethnic Minority Community Hong Kong 2018-Present
The Zubin Mahtani Gidumal Foundation Limited 01/2018-03/2018 Securing a Good Start for CAL students in Kindergartens The aim of the research is to identify challenges and needs of kindergartens admitting children from NCS family background through: understanding the challenges faced by educators teaching NCS children and understanding what resources are currently available to teach NCS children. Hong Kong Ethnic Minority Community Hong Kong
Reading Dreams Foundation Limited 07/2017 The 7th World Chinese School Librarians’ Forum The forum for Chinese speakers to share best practices and experience of school libraries. Childhood Literacy and Library Mainland China
Reading Dreams Foundation Limited 01/2017- 06/2018 Program Impact Research Plan With the objective to measure the efficacy of the program, Reading Dreams is carrying out a research project which is directed at comparing the attitude and awareness between students, teachers and administrative staff at schools sponsored by the organization and those at other schools. Childhood Literacy and Library Mainland China 2013-2017
Playright Children's Play Association 10/2016- 10/2017 Children's Participation in Inclusive Play Space Development Project It was a 14-month children’s participation project by incubating children in Tuen Mun District, Hong Kong as Junior Playground Commissioners to deliver ideas on the first Inclusive Play Space at Tuen Mun Park and advocate the building of a child-friendly community. Children Play Hong Kong 2013-2017