Terms of Funding
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Terms of Funding

Terms of Funding

The Foundation generally provides funding for a maximum of three years per program / project. This is to discourage dependency on its support, although multiple-year funding may be granted in special circumstances. Grantees requesting additional funding to continue the programs will only be considered if there is a substantive improvement in the program design or the expected outcomes, as we believe it is important to push for continuous improvement and to avoid complacency and dependency.


Geographical Interest

The Foundation supports organizations on innovative, cost effective and high impact programs in Mainland China (mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and Yunnan) and Hong Kong.

Matching Grants

Where possible, the Foundation provides matching funds to encourage broader donor participation.

Concerted Effort

In applying for grants, our partners are encouraged to contribute as much as they can afford through financial or in kind contributions, to meet the cost of the programs. We also encourage organizations to diversify their funding sources to avoid becoming overly-dependent on one donor

The Foundation’s advisory board is very much involved in the entire evaluation process and site visits are regularly made by our staff members and the advisory committee to assess and support the programs as well as the community.

Ineligible Requests

The Foundation does not accept requests for deficit funding, nor does it provide funding to organizations to cover cancelled or reduced financial support from other sources. Other ineligible requests include:

  • Endowments, annual appeals or federated campaigns
  • Initiatives that benefit specific individuals
  • Medical research, drug rehabilitation, elderly homes, disaster relief and specific disabilities
  • Sectarian or religious organizations whose principal activity is for the benefit of their own members or adherents
  • Organizations without at least one satellite office within the geographic areas of focus
  • Large-scale entertainment or cultural events
  • Exclusively for capital and/or equipment expenses
  • More than one application from an organization in a funding cycle
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