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We are pleased to present these case studies, showcasing a selection of The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation’s work since we began operations in 2003.

For us as a Foundation, these retrospectives are a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on the work we have done, what we have learned, and where and how we might improve.

It is also our hope that through sharing our experiences, we will amplify the lessons learned and approaches adopted, supporting others on their own philanthropic journey.

Thought Leadership:
Patient Philanthropy: A Bold Vision for Social Transformation (856kb)
Case Studies:
Sustainable Philanthropy: The Importance of Good Governance (1.5mb)
Sustainable Philanthropy: Lessons from Qidong (3.4mb)
Creative Philanthropy: An Innovative Approach to Literacy (1mb)
Challenging Education: An Alternative Approach to Education (768kb)
Challenging Education: A Vision of "Happy Reading" (737kb)
A Pictorial Guide: Creating an Attractive Reading Environment (4.6mb)
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