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Investing in innovative and cost-effective programs is the core business of the Foundation. We are proactive in looking for organizations with like-minded individuals to be our strategic partners in pioneering solutions and launching innovative programs to address the needs of identified groups and communities.

Each grant application is assessed on its individual merits, but in awarding grants the Foundation looks for programs that are innovative, sustainable and impactful.

In order to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the programs we sponsor, the Foundation has a narrow focus of interest. By predominantly concentrating our efforts on childhood literacy – including library and reading programs for young children – we have built up a level of expertise that makes us a key resource for childhood literacy issues in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

While childhood literacy is our primary focus, the Foundation also supports the following:

  • Basic life skills training – to enhance the self-confidence, problem-solving abilities, leadership and teamwork skills of young people;
  • Social enterprise – to solve problems through innovative and sustainable solutions;
  • Non-profit capacity building – to improve the organizational effectiveness and performance of non-profit organizations.
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