Catalytic Philanthropy

“It is about investing time, drawing on expertise and aligning your investment with your values. It is also about prevention, not response.”


“An audacious approach which creates lasting change in the communities you are supporting, rather than short-term fixes.”

Effective philanthropy
is built on acquired knowledge and experience,
and we have dedicated the last 15 years to testing
and learning in these areas.

Our mission in childhood literacy is to nurture the next generation by building, supporting and sustaining innovative approaches that enhance access to books, innovative learning techniques and a love of reading.

Our projects around vision aim to help the whole world see clearly. The World Health Organization says that there are at least 1 billion people with uncorrected poor vision; others estimate the figure could be more than double.

These reports and perspectives guide our strategy and focus.

Holds events to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices.

The latest news, grantee stories and resources from around the Foundation.